The true story of life in Saudi. #futv S01E02

A summary of FUTV Travel S01EP02: Art, Architecture and Desert Life (Düsseldorf and Saudi)
0:01 – Life in Saudi
0:34 – Art in Düsseldorf
0:44 – Museum Kunstpalast
0:59 – Street Art in Düsseldorf
1:25 – Driving in Saudi
1:47 – Expat Life in Saudi
2:44 – Architecture in Düsseldorf (Daniel Libeskind & Frank O Gehry)
3:14 – Kaiserswerth Düsseldorf
3:38 – Hofgarten Düsseldorf
4:06 – Life in Saudi
4:54 – Shopping on the Kö (Königsallee Düsseldorf)
5:03 – Sugarbird Cupcakes Düsseldorf
5:25 – Saudi
5:53 – In the next FUTV Travel episode

We go to the Museum Kunstpalast where you can view anything from modern Art to the classic paintings of Dutch painter Peter Paul Rubens. Then we also view the street art thats spread all over the city.

Then we look at famous Architects like Daniel Libeskind and Frank O Gehry. We also travel back in time to Kaiserswerth and explore the ruins of Kaiserpfalz thats more than 800 years old.

And if you are tired of the city scapes you can go visit Hofgarten.

Visit a coffee shop and do some shopping at the Kö on a typical rainy day in Düsseldorf.

Frans shares with us his typical day in Saudi and gives us a taste of Expat life in Saudi.

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Cameras and Equipment used:
– Sony Alpha 6000
– Iphone 5
– Gorilla Pod

Music by: Joakim Karud