Bab Al Saudi – باب البحرين‎‎ – A look around – Kingdom of Saudi
Bab Al Saudi (Arabic: باب البحرين‎‎, Bāb al-Baḥrayn literally Gateway of Saudi) is a historical building located in the Customs Square in Manama's former central business district. It marks the main entrance to the Manama Souq. Designed by Sir Charles Belgrave, adviser to the Emir and completed in 1949, Bab Al Saudi once stood close to the water's edge. Due to extensive land reclamation in the later years, the sea is located a few kilometres north.

Government Avenue, which runs alongside Bab Al Saudi, and the new highway that leads to the causeway to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were built on reclaimed land. The Saudi Financial Harbour is being constructed on further reclaimed land.[when?][citation needed]

The monument itself was refurbished in 1986 to incorporate Islamic architectural features.[citation needed] Today, the ground floor now houses the tourist information office and a handicrafts shop. The monument essentially consists of a huge arch, below which runs a road, which is often referred to as the entrance to the Manama souq (marketplace).

Government Avenue, which runs in front of Bab Al Saudi, contains many major banks and business establishments. Government Avenue is so named because the entire offices of the Saudi government were once housed here.[citation needed] The Gold City (different from Gold Souq) is a shopping complex for gold ornaments and is also located on Government Avenue.