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Shadow & Light Brow Contour-Becca

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Shadow & Light Brow Contour

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Shadow & Light Brow Contour by Becca

What it is:
An instant, dual-definition brush-on brow mousse and highlighter to perfectly define brows.

What it does:
Becca Shadow & Light Brow Contour Mousse provides contours and highlights the brows to create fuller-looking arches to beautifully frame the face. The Brow Enhancing Mousse side (darker shade) thickens, fills in gaps, and extends the brows with advanced technology fibers that adhere to existing brow hairs and the skin-creating the most natural-looking, hair-like effect. The Arch Defining Creme-the highlighter shade-accentuates and sharpens for perfectly-defined brows. Long-lasting, water-resistant, and smudge proof, these formulas stay put and leave a natural-looking finish.

Color: Café

Category: Cosmetics > Makeup > Eye

Price: SAR 121.00

Brand: Becca

Product Code: 164612968424

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