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5 Couleurs-DIOR

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5 Couleurs

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5 Couleurs by DIOR

Dior reinvents the 5 Couleurs legend.
True to the bold colour creation from the House of Dior, each harmony explores a unique world of colour. Based on a central shade, the signature of the palette, 4 accessory shades are used to create a multi-faceted look.
Like a couture wardrobe for the eyes, 5 Couleurs gives free rein to your creativity to achieve custom makeup results. Dior has also created two ready-to-wear looks for the eyes-natural and sophisticated-based on the central shade.

Color: Pied-De-Poule

Category: Cosmetics > Makeup > Eye

Price: SAR 310.00

Brand: DIOR

Product Code: 009111738091

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